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pioneer vsx530 no sound can this garbage be repaired

A newer Pioneer vsx 530 with a no sound issue.

Pioneer Model VSX-1021-K Stereo Reciever Repair

This video details that aspect of troubleshooting that involves systematically eliminating potential sources of trouble until the root cause is determined. In this case, a 2011 Pioneer VSX-1021-K surround sound stereo receiver did not have any power. A unique method of troubleshooting using a temperature probe revealed a single zener diode had shorted out causing the standby switching power supply to go into protection mode and not start up. (2/14/2015)

QSight 225 MD UHPLC MSMS Screening System

The QSight® 225 MD UHPLC Screening system is designed for routine high throughput quantitation. It offers expanded screening for a variety of inborn errors of metabolism with a wide analyte panel, and access to Tier 2 chromatography

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