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Top Gear UK S12E03 The News and Vel Satis Lap

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2004 Renault VEL SATIS 3.0 V6 dCi 180 Initiale Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour

*NOTE 1* Sorry for my raspy voice and shortness of breath, I had a bad cough during my trip to Europe last year.

Hello everyone! Today's video will be about the UK-spec 2004 Renault VEL SATIS five door hatchback with the 3.0 litre P9X 701 turbocharged diesel engine producing 178 hp (180 PS) paired to a 5-speed automatic in the Initiale trim.

Video was filmed in - December 2018.

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Enjoy and thank you for watching!


Renault Vel Satis Road Test - it's HUUUUGE!

Join me as I test the Renault Vel Satis, in desirable 2-litre turbo form. Marvel at those unusual looks, admire the flimsy rear cubby holes, share my annoyance at yet another wiper failing! This time the stalk. This video also contains a shocking conclusion...

Thanks to 'The Moog' and 'Bucketeer' for this opportunity. Incidentally, my Bluebird broke down immediately after I drove this car, which suggests it has a jealous streak.

As ever, filmed very badly on my phone, with no script, no skill and some annoying background noise.




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